100% IV CP Pikachu Search String

25&cp11, cp34, cp58, cp82, cp106, cp130, cp153, cp177, cp201, cp225, cp247, cp270, cp292, cp315, cp337, cp382, cp405, cp427, cp450, cp472, cp495, cp517, cp540, cp585, cp607, cp630, cp652, cp675, cp686, cp697, cp708, cp720, cp731

iOS text replacement guide:

  1. Open Settings app
  2. General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement
  3. Click the + in the top right corner
  4. Paste the string into “Phrase” and add a name into “Shortcut” e.g. “ppika” for the string (ppika = perfect Pikachu)

Although this will show 100% IV Pokemon, it will also show any % IV that has the same CP level so you will need to appraise to confirm.

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